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In After School Detention (Request)

Request: Haiiii can u pleeeeeeeeaaase continue the narry smut where they hate eachother OMG its soooooo perf <3

So I didn’t expect this to become so popular…. third installment, the others being In The Principal’s Office (Second Installment) and In The Bathroom Stall (First Installment)

Pairing: Narry

Rating: R

Summary: In which we have more Narry hate sex

Word Count: 1,188

Tags: *Narry *NarrySex *RoughSex *HighSchool *AU

                Three thirty two, and Harry wasn’t sitting at home having some of those Oreos he’s hidden from his sister. He was sitting in detention with Niall for their altercation in English. The little fucker. Just couldn’t keep his hands to himself could he? Harry drummed his fingers on the desk and glowered at the clock. It was that little shit’s fault. He had to throw the first punch, he just couldn’t let things be and let Harry alone. Truth was the blonde twat had been looking for a fight. He’d always be talking smack around him or pushing his books off his desk daring him to do something about it. The fucker just couldn’t keep his stupid trap shut. Even after Harry had fucked his mouth the shit hadn’t stopped talking down to him, had kept pretending like he wasn’t Harry’s bitch. Harry glanced at the blonde in question. Niall’s back was to him, and he was fiddling with something on the desk in front of him. Harry turned his gaze to the teacher at the front of the room and settled back in his chair to wait.

                His chance came at four twenty six, when the teacher got a phone call and excused himself from the room. Harry had made up his mind thirty minutes ago that Niall was going to learn today. The curly haired boy stalked forward, clenching and unclenching his fists as he did so. Niall turned just as Harry reached him, a smirk playing on his mouth.

                “Just couldn’t keep away bitch?” Harry snarled and raised a hand, smashing it across Niall’s face with such a fore that the blonde’s head snapped to the side, a red mark on his face. Niall’s mouth fell open in a filthy moan, fingers trembling as he looked back at Harry. “That all you fucking got?” Harry growled and reached down for the front button of Niall’s jeans. He jerked the pants down and started palming the blonde through his boxers and jerking his head back by his hair. Niall moaned again, lifting his legs and bracing one on the desk before him, the other on the desk behind him. He bucked his hips up into Harry’s touch, eyes shut as he licked his lips. Harry scoffed at the action.

                “Eger little slut.” He tugged on the blonde hair before pressing his hips into Niall’s and rocking forward. The blonde was fully hard and panting now, head bent back so his neck was exposed. Harry’s hands moved from their previous locations to the other boy’s throat, pressing down until he had to struggle a little for his breath. Blue eyes rolled back white and Harry grinded his tenting jeans against Niall’s erect cock.

                “Fucking shit.” Niall struggled to get the words out, bucking his hips up into Harry. “Just…fuck, now.” Harry smirked before jerking Niall’s boxers down and reaching to push his own clothes out of the way. The blonde moaned, kicking his jeans and boxers off before taking his erection in hand and pumping it desperately. Harry snarled and slapped his hand away, replacing it with his own. The other hand strayed down between Niall’s legs and traced swerving lines down to his hole, pressing in experimentally. The blonde’s head feel back as he keened and pushed forward so Harry’s finger slid in to the knuckle.

                “You want it dry whore?” Harry pressed his finger in farther, curling it against slick walls, like Niall’s suddenly gone wet like a bitch at the promise of Harry’s cock. “Fucking hell?”

                “Did you really think I’d come un-prepped?” The curly haired boy glanced up to see the blonde’s hooded eyes taking him in, lips bent into a smirk again. Little shit needed to get the look fucked off of him. Harry pulled his finger away, scowling furiously.

                “Hope you stretched yourself then cunt.” The dominant boy spat in his hand, giving his member a few pumps to slick it up before pushing his hips forward, pressing the tip into Niall. The blonde hissed, entire body tensing. Harry took his hair in hand and filled him with one agonizing push, clenching his teeth to keep from hissing in sympathy. Niall’s face contorted in pain and his breathing got heavier; eyes squeezed shut as he forced himself to relax around Harry’s throbbing cock, tongue swiping over his lips. The curly haired boy laughed at the sight. “You’re actually enjoying this aren’t you?” The look Niall gave him through hooded eyes gave him his answer. “You were fucking waiting for my cock weren’t you? More than that, you fucking craveit.” The blonde whimpered and started rocking back into Harry.

                “Shut up and move bitch.” The brunette smirked, pulling back slightly before thrusting forward and bottoming out immediately. Niall released a whimpering groan, wrapping his hands under his knees so he could pull his legs up farther to give Harry easier access. The curly headed boy started thrusting faster, gripping Niall’s hips to push and pull him forward and back so that he could thrust in deeper each time. The blonde’s back started to arch, his fingers digging into his thighs as his mouth fell open in a loud moan. Harry growled as he felt the Irishman tense around him, hands straying from his hair to his neck, pressing tight around until Niall was choking for air. Harry raked his eyes down the trembling body, watching the blonde’s thick cock swell a little more and leak dollops of pre-cum out of the tip to slide down his length. Harry licked his lips, bending his head so he could press his tongue flat against the side of Niall’s member and drag it up, tasting him, taking the tip into his mouth and giving it a teasing suck. The blonde’s face twisted from the pleasure, still struggling for breath as Harry’s fingers tightened around his throat. There was the continuing sound of skin slapping skin as Niall’s back bent forward and he was suddenly striping his shirt with wide ropes of come. Harry groaned, loosening his grip on his neck and still thrusting into the blonde’s tightening canal as he watched his face bliss over. Niall’s eyes opened slightly, taking in the sight of Harry’s flushed face as he pounded into him.

                “Little bitch can’t get off all of a sudden?” The blonde tensed himself, tightening himself further as Harry continued to thrust, moaning aloud at the sensation as he let himself go inside Niall, trembling and nearly collapsing onto the other boy. The brunette milked his pleasure out before slowing to a stop, panting and trying not to look directly at the smirk on Niall’s face.

                “Shut the hell up.”

                “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Niall rocked down into Harry, still holding his legs up and swallowing hard. Harry met his gaze and scowled. He heard the door swing open, and both boy’s heads snapped to see their teacher walking back into the class, a shocked look taking over their face at the sight of Harry still balls deep in Niall’s ass. The brunette snarled at the intruder.

                “You want my dick too bitch?”

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